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    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and great reviews! We will be visiting there in September. Did you notice if cigarette smoke was a problem in this hotel? Thank you for your insight! Happy traveling!

    Hillary Davis Travels

    No I did not smell any cigarette smoke. Only one night when I went into the casino, which is supposed to be smoke free, I saw a man sneak a cigar. But that was the only incidence. I think you are going to really enjoy your time there! Let me know what you think!!

    Account Deleted

    Awesome place to visit.What a fantastic climate to have more happiest moments. Beach with white sandy climate with cool breeze, Greenary allover the edges of the beach looking too good over here.Hygenically neat hotels with great pleasant environment.No one can escape from the feeling of staying in heaven when they are here.That is the greatness of this place.Hope you have fun :)

    חדר מלח

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